NYC Neural Cartography Project

NYC Neural Cartography Project (2010)
Your brain on architecture. Building information modeling + Brain-Computer Interface.
Un ejemplo del trabajo de la escuela de arquitectura de la Universidad de Columbia que escanearon los patrones del cerebro y los proyectaron en un recinto. Una imagen de tu cerebro sobre la Arquitectura.


PD: Interesantes comentarios sobre la Arquitectura y el software Processing en el siguiente link:

Blender architecture scripts

A repository has been created by Carlos Cámara to contain a collection of Blender scripts and plugins specially useful for architecture. He says this “repo” serves these main purposes:

  1. Make it easy to find all these scripts which are usually spread into different places (eg. dropbox folders, authors’ blogs, blender wiki…) and thus difficult to find.
  2. Provide a backup or a time-proof repository which don’t rely on 3rd pary (I’ve been always concerned that those scripts could be lost sometime).
  3. Benefit from Git and github’s social features in order to make it easier to collaborate and improve plugins.



OpenWind is wind farm design software for engineers and scientists. It is open source and free to download and use.
OpenWind es un software open source y gratuito para diseñar parques eólicos.