The Mini Airflow Tunnel Project

Acá comparto mi ultimo proyecto. Un Mini túnel de viento para arquitectos y estudiantes de diseño que incorpora tecnología low-cost para visualización de datos en tiempo real.

The aim of this project is to develop and share an easy to use and low-cost tool for wind analysis with an empirical approach on physical wind simulation. This tool is a mini airflow tunnel that can provide graphical representations of airflow data for a quick feedback, visualisation and analysis, for architects and designers in the early design stage. This tool is suitable for preliminary analysis of aerodynamic phenomena near buildings, such as wind flow acceleration, that can produce discomfort issues on pedestrians. The mini airflow tunnel project is an association of analogue and digital technology: it uses electronic components for arduino technology and Rhino 3D software with Grasshopper3D and Firefly plugins for graphical visualisation of airflow data in real time.


ODS Studio: OpenFOAM + Blender

ODS Studio is a scrip to work with Blender 3D integrating OpenFOAM (CFD), Radiance and EnergyPlus in the same workflow.
Es muy importante para el estudio del confort del espacio publico analizar los fenómenos y turbulencias del viento que pueden ocurrir allí. Lamentablemente se requiere un alto grado de tecnificación para simular estos efectos, como el usar un túnel de viento. Por otro lado, existe la simulación CFD, una tecnología digital con el mismo fin. Continuar leyendo “ODS Studio: OpenFOAM + Blender”