TOM:Melbourne 2016

This was my participation in the TOM Global Event 2016 in the Swinburne University of Technology.
This is an event to gather Engineers and Designers with the purpose of developing Open Source solutions for people with disabilities.

My team (Num2) had this challenge (description from TOM webpage):

The challenge: Christian has Hemiplegia and is paralysed from the neck down. He struggles daily with the functionality of his current wheelchair headrest. They are often invariably fixed and inflexible.

Christian’s challenge is that when he needs to look down and tilt his head forward the headrest comes away and no longer provides support. This is a problem for people who have limited lateral (sideways) muscular control. Christian’s challenge is a system that provides headrest support (including lateral support) through the degree of movement of the head and neck from upright to forward (chin on chest).

The Solution: Christian’s team came up with a 3d printed head rest that is controlled by simple electronics that moves with his head motion, constantly giving him support and control.

In this video we are doing the set up and test of the system for the Christian’s chair:

In this video there is a presentation for each team and project (we are the second team):